College Academic Calendar 2019-20

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Date                                                                       Activity


8th July, 2019                                                  College Reopens                                                        

10th- 15th July, 2019                                         Demonstration lesson for B.Ed Sem-3

13th July 2019                                                 Career guidance extension lecture

July, 2019                                                       Faculty Development Programme for School Teachers

18th-28th July, 2019                                         Simulated teaching for B.Ed. Sem-3

23rd July, 2019                                                Presentation & Discussion on NPE 2019 policy draft

29th July, 2019                                                On The Spot Teaching Aid Preparation Competition

30th July, 2019                                                On the Spot PPT Presentation Preparation Competition

31st July, 2019                                                Orientation session regarding placement


1st August- 24th November, 2019                      B.Ed. Sem-3 School Internship Programme

10th August, 2019                                           Fruit Plantation in Nanak Bagichi & Educational Movie

10th-13th August, 2019                                    Ist Counselling B.Ed. Sem-1 (M.Ed. Sem-3 Data Collection)

16th August, 2019                                           Independence Day Celebration & Education Tour to War Museum

18th-20th August, 2019                                    Visit to Schools by Teachers for Observation

 21st- 23rd August, 2019                                  IInd Counselling B.Ed. Sem-1

August, 2019                                                  Admission B.Ed., M.Ed., PG Diploma in Guidance & Counselling

August,2019                                                   Teej Festival

August, 2019                                                  Placement Campaign


First Week of September, 2019                         Plantation Drive

September, 2019                                             ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ Campaign

2nd September, 2019                                       Educational Movie

5th September, 2019                                        Teachers Day Celebration & Freshers’ Party

11th September, 2019                                      Selection of Office bearers of Dramatic Society

13th September, 2019                                      Selection of Office bearers of Literary Society

14th September, 2019                                      Hindi Divas Celebration

16th September, 2019                                      Selection of Office bearers of Fine Arts Society

17th September, 2019                                      Selection of College Athletics Team

18th September, 2019                                      Inter House Creative Writing Competition & Selection                                                                       of Editors for College Magazine

19th September, 2019                                      Mehndi Competition

20th September, 2019                                      Inter House Fine Arts Competition

24th September, 2019                                      Inter House Debate & Poem Recitation Competition

27th September, 2019                                      Inter House Quiz Competition

28th September, 2019                                      Birth Anniversary Shaheed Bhagat Singh

September, 2019                                             Extension Lecture

September, 2019                                             M.Ed. & B.Ed. Monthly Test

September/October, 2019                                Educational Tour


1st – 20th October, 2019                                  Pre- internship Programme (Sem-1)

2nd – 8th October, 2019                                   Educational Tour & Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

18th October, 2019                                          Arambh Sri Akhand Path Sahib

21st October, 2019                                          Founders’ Day

October, 2019                                                 P.U. Athletics Competition

Last Week of October, 2019                            Seminar on ‘Save Mother Earth’

Last Week of October, 2019                            Monthly Test

Last Week of October,2019                             Youth Festival



First Week of November,2019                          Seminar

Second Week of November,2019                     House Test

November, 2019                                             Extension Lecture   

21st or 22nd November, 2019                           Discussion Lessons

November, 2019                                             Parkash Gurpurab of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Second Last Week of November                     Teachers’ Visit to Schools

Last Week of November                                 Final Lessons

Last Week of Nov. / First Week of                   Final Practicals                                              

Dec. 2019                                                                   


First Week of December, 2019                       Path Sri Sukhmani Sahib for Final Examination

Second Week of December, 2019                  Final Examination of B.Ed., M.Ed. & PGDGC

2nd - 21st December, 2019                             Final Exam

28th Dec, 2019 - 8th Jan, 2020                        Winter Break (NSS Camp)


22nd Dec. 2019 - 8th Jan., 2020                       Winter Break (Probably)

9th January, 2020                                            College Reopens

10th-16th January, 2020                                    NSS Camp

13th January,2020                                            Lohri Celebration/ Distribution

January, 2020                                                  P.U. Skill in Teaching & Tg. Aid Preparation Comptt.

Last Week of January, 2020                              Parkash Gurpurab of Guru Gobind Singh Ji


First/ Second Week of February, 2020               Inter House Sports Competition

Second Week of February, 2020                       Annual Sports Day

February, 2020                                                Group Photographs

February, 2020                                                Visit to Innovative School B.Ed. Sem-2

Third Week of February, 2020                           Seminar


Second Week of March, 2020                          Trip

March, 2020                                                   Convocation

Third Week of March, 2020                              P.U. Inter College Sports Competition

Fourth Week of March, 2020                           Pre- Internship B.Ed. Sem- 2

Last Week of March, 2020                              Visit to Special Schools

March/April, 2020                                           Visit to Baal Ghar


First Week of April, 2020                               House Exam (Practicals)

Second Week of April, 2020                          House Exam (Theory)

Second Week of April, 2020                          Workshop

Last Week of April, 2020                               Final Practical Exam

April, 2020                                                   Career Guidance Talks in Colleges

Last Week of April, 2020                               Practical Exams


1st May, 2020                                                  Path Sri Sukhmani Sahib for Final Examination

2nd May, 2020                                                 Farewell Party

3rd May, 2020                                                  Prize Distribution Function

May, 2020                                                       Prospectus Printing

1st/ 2nd Week of May, 2020                              Final Examination of B.Ed., M.Ed. & PGDGC

31st May- 5th July, 2020                                    Summer Break


21st June, 2020                                                International Yoga Day

15th-25th June, 2020                                        Coaching for B.Ed. Entrance Exam


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