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Science Lab

Science Lab

The science laboratory of the institution is well maintained and well equipped with required apparatus, instruments, chemicals, specimens, models and other material for conducting experiments of physics, chemistry, and biology. The students are given practical training in scientific methods. The arrangement, setting and environment of the lab encourages the students in performing experiments, making models and improvising the science apparatus according to their requirements. Equipment and apparatus for demonstration in school classes is issued to science students during teaching practice.

Social Studies Lab

Science Lab

The social studies lab is well equipped with physical and political maps of world, India and other countries, globe, charts, models (working and non-working) etc. the encouraging environment of this resource centre enhances the creativity among future teachers. It provides ample opportunity for developing time and space sense among students. During teaching practice students are facilitated to teach S.St. through the teaching aids available here.

Psychology Lab

Science Lab

The institution has well furnished, well equipped and well organized psychology lab with all the standardized verbal, non-verbal and performance psychological tests for measuring the essential psychological aspects like intelligence, personality, aptitude, interest, creativity, achievement, and adjustment etc. Thus, the lab gives opportunities to students for training in the areas of measurement and testing. This helps them to know about student psychology and plan instructional strategies accordingly to achieve the educational objectives.

ICT Resource Centre

Science Lab

The college has well equipped ICT Resource Centre with adequate systems, server and printers. The faculty and the students are encouraged and allowed to surf the net free of cost. The internet facility is available for the students from 9:00am to 4:00 pm. The Wi-Fi facility is available in the campus for internet connectivity. The Rsource Centre has hardware facilities like projectors, scanners, printers, web camera for video conferencing, headphones, speakers, U.P.S and software CDs. Various softwares like Microsoft office, Adobe Flash, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Reader etc have been installed in the computers. College has installed own Wi-Fi tower to make the whole campus Wi-Fi.

Language Lab

Science Lab

The institution has language laboratory to harness the communication skills of the students. The language learning software designed and developed by Wordsworth is installed on computers in the lab having head set facility. The students are given listening and speaking practice for correct pronunciation, self correction and self analysis.

Home Science Lab

Science Lab

Home Science lab is well furnished and equipped with all modern gadgets and appliances like microwave, refrigerator, mixer grinder, oven toaster-griller, cooking range, food processor, vacuum cleaner, sewing machine (ordinary and fashion maker), utensils, cutlery and crockery to provide students training in various fields of Home science. The home science teacher demonstrates various recipes on bakery, salads, Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Italian cuisines. The students learn the art of cooking and hone their culinary skills by using the gadgets and equipments in the craft period. They also make use of these facilities of the lab in their practice teaching, final skill-in teaching and craft exam.

Art & Craft Resource Centre

Science Lab

The institution has fine arts room to stimulate and nurture creativity among students. These rooms are well furnished with dunkys and well maintained with essential material like drawing boards, all types of colours, brushes, saw dust, pallets, draperies, lamps, artificial objects for still life, threads, needles, wool, frames, and various types of material for work experience programme namely art and craft, interior decoration, black board writing and sketching (as prescribed in the syllabus of Panjab University Chandigarh). The college also provides these materials to students for the practice and preparation for inter college competitions and youth festival.

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